As a business owner you may not be supervising your staff the whole time, though you will have an understanding of how the business is traveling, the staff morale and the bottom line.

Have you have even had the experience of a team member not performing? How often is it that you simply just let it be and see if things improve with no intervention? As a business owner/manager this is costing you money and the best way to resolve the issue is to engage with the team member and discuss the concerns and address any issues that may have arisen. Sometimes this is enough and usually with the right coaching and support the team member becomes a valuable member of the team with improved efficiency and workflow and the end result is you see productivity again going up.

Just the same as you the proactive business owner keeps track of your physical staff, what about your virtual team? They are often the forgotten ones, they work 24/7, take no holidays, never allowed to get sick (99.9% uptime guarantee, if they live with 101 Web Technology), have very little interaction with the other staff members, except for being told that they don’t work, a waste of money, out of date and not in touch with the business any more and often told they are ugly. Without the necessary time-out and understanding this team is often left to be dressed in outdated fashions, using out-dated tools, not up to speed with the latest trends and pretty soon you have a team member that is potentially costing you business.

So what exactly is your website doing all that time? By understanding what your website does with its time and how it treats your customers when it is working we can start to fine tune the process and make it work more efficiently and that’s where the reports from Google Analytics come into play.

Top Entry Pages

These are the pages that are first inline for traffic to the site. Depending on your marketing campaign this could be your company’s homepage, blog, online shop. Your top entry pages tell you if your marketing strategy is working.

For instance if you are doing a letterbox drop and on the flyer is your companies website address, during that campaign you would expect to see a spike in direct traffic coming to your homepage.

If however are getting mostly referral traffic and you are in the middle of a search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization (SEO) campaign and your top entry page is the page you have been targeting you can safely assume that you are heading in the right direction.

Top entry pages tell a good story on there own however combine them with an understanding of how the traffic is getting to your site and you start to have some good insights into where your energy is best focused.

Top Exit Pages

This is the report that tells you where people are leaving your site from. Most people view this as a bad thing. This one has many different variables and can tell a different story depending on the context of which people are coming to your site.

For instance:
A client of 101 has a free DVD on offer and a lot of SEM work goes on promoting the DVD, they run Google Ads, Yahoo Ads and other Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Instead of leading the person through to the homepage of the site to again do the sales work that is performed in the copy of the ad the user is pointed to an alternate page commonly referred to as a Landing page. This page is the call to action and is where the ordering takes place and the process finalised. Users coming to this page know what they are after and will fill in the details hit submit and then most leave the site. This is not a bad thing as the intended transaction has been completed.

By reviewing the Top Entry and Exit Pages lists, they are able to keep a track of how the PPC ads are converting, by the number of visitors who are entering and leaving on specific landing pages.

Above is an example of how by having a good understanding of your website combined with some good stats analysis, you can shape the business direction of your website and create an informed user experience.

If you have a website and you are not getting the user stats, then how do you know that your virtual team is working towards your business success?

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