As a consultant Im always working with the best intentions of my client and their users. Working to achieve their goals and make the product a success. In business it is imperative that everything you do has a positive return, from advertising, internal processes, etc etc..

Investing in user experience is no different, if your not investing in the experience that your product or website is offering, how can you expect to have the users embrace your business? All too often UX, usability, accessibility is lumped into the “nice to have” or in the case of accessibility “tell me it meets WCAG, and I will be happy”

Measuring ROI of User Experience

  • Efficiency time on task
  • Satisfaction
  • Change / Training
  • Maintenance
  • Dollars in increased sales

The $300 million dollar button, is an article from Jarad Spool a well respected usability consultant, who worked with Amazon and in turn added $300M to the bottom line investing in UX to address Amazon’s check out process. In pure sales increases those numbers are hard to beat.

86% of issues can be found with a small number of users. A research paper I read recently from a leading usability firm, found 86% of usability issues could be found by using a small set of 5 participants in your evaluations. So Usability testing doesn’t have to cost a large amount of money, though the return can be great.

On a recent project for the an Australian Government Department I was responsible for the UX of a project, simply by championing and implementing UCD into the projects lifecycle, we showed at the conclusion of the project with benchmarked findings that 1200 staff were over 40% more efficient at their job. Lets examine those figures a little:

1200 staff working 40/hr week for 48 weeks a year.

That’s a combined 2,304,000 hours worked each year. By making these staff members 40% more efficient, that provided 921,600 in gained hours for the Dept. With increases in data entry accuracy and task satisfaction.

The power of the user experience should not be under estimated for any project, especially when you can see the gains like I have highlighted above.


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