I thought going vegetarian my days of the hearty beef strog in winter were over, admittedly I will be in Perth for winter this year and it doesn’t get as cold as Canberra, but still a good strog is still great. Anyways I came across the recipe which is a vego take on the beef stroganoff and I must say it tasted great. No photos this time round, cause I didnt even think to take some actually but check out the site the author has taken a photo of a much more “photo worthy” version then mine. But really is the test of great food how it photographs or how it tastes. Ok looks are important, I gave up a bircher muesli this morning cause it looked like chunky Clag glue, sure it may have tasted nice, but I couldn’t do it to myself.

Anyways I digress, if you are newly vegetarian or seasoned professional Im sure you will like this recipe.

Check it out.


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