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Every now and again I come across some gold in the Twittersphere. This week, I have come across an article about visual content and the favourable organic reach that it has over text based content.

I’m not sure about you though I’m on these social networks all the time, tweeting, status updates, instagraming and just recently Vine (creative 6sec video loops, its pretty cool). Anyways I came across content all the time, so why did I stop at this article?

The nice infographic sucked me in, with the catchy headline “Your business needs visual content” *Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social networks. These stats are all based on Jeff’s own research and correlate well with our recent campaigns.

So the question is, are you sharing visual content? We did recently on the 101 Web Technology facebook page. We were looking for specific resources for a new project. Previously we posted pure text and reached 54 people.

Flip it to a picture of Mr T with “Got sharepoint skills, we need you” – organically reached 354 people.

So next time you are updating your website, think about how you may present the content visually. You will increase your engagement.

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Phil Barnes

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