I did it, I finally have an app in the Apple App Store after saying to an old colleague of mine before I left a previous assignment. “Im aiming to have an app in the store by 30 June 2012” That was in December 2011 I made that statement. So why such a long time? It actually took me a long time to come up with an idea that I felt had actual merit, that would be relatively easy to design and develop. Then I had a period of some pretty new and exciting consulting roles, where I had the opportunity to hone my Drupal and Sharepoint skills in a couple of BA and consulting dev roles. It was after them that I secured a 12 month contract role with an Oil and Gas giant over in Perth which gave me the exposure to the massive resources industry.

miBabyShots Screen

Screen of miBabyShots in action

miBabyShots Title Screen

miBabyShots Title Screen

Lets fast forward 6months, I’m settling into the role in Perth and my 18month old son gives me a great idea. One morning I was watching him mimic his older sister when she was taking photos with the iPhone. After each photo session the kids would walk up and show me the pictures they had taken, however my son at 18months didn’t have much luck taking the photos. He would still come up to show me the picture, but often it was the home screen. So I thought how could I capture what he sees without over complicating the camera process and take out the fun he was having by simply pointing at what he saw and letting the device do the rest.

miBabyShots was the answer to that question, we created an automatic camera that a baby can simply point at an object and the camera does the capturing for them.

I also felt that no self respecting camera application would be complete without selfie mode. So I built into the settings a lock for selfie mode, now I would  watch Jett take pictures of himself. I did build the building blocks towards social integration and the app has the ability to share the photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allowing you to share photos with friends, family and other miBabyShots users.

I would be really interested in hearing your thoughts about the app below, or even better leave me a review on the App store.

Take a look at the app’s promo site here: http://mibabyshots.iappmarketing.com.au

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