Takeaway pizza company Domino’s Pizza has increased online sales to £56.9m in the first half of 2010, boosted by an increase in online marketing activity. The company also states that over 30% of its UK sales are now completed online.

Embracing social media the company launched their Foursquare promotion in May, which encourages users to check-in at their locations. Their Facebook page has over 37,000 fans so stated CEO Chris Moore in the companys earnings statement. Starbucks is another great example of using social media to its best, during their Free Pastry Day the company was able to attract $1million people to their stores.

Both of these are great examples of how a company embracing social media has seen real and measurable growth, not to mention the brand awareness. The question I would pose to you as a business owner is what would an increase in 30% of profits mean to your business?

The potential of social marketing is massive and is limited only by your imagination and creative ways you embrace an utilise the technology.

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