Santa Cruz Slasher
Santa Cruz Slasher

I skate a re-issue Santa Cruz Slasher, I wear a helmet, knee pads and a wrist guards when I skate. The protection is now more of an insurance policy then fashion statement, being self employed means if I hurt myself I don’t have sick leave to fall back on. Plus being an old bastard falls on concrete hurt more, or maybe I’m just softer these days.

So whats with the re-issue and not the modern double tail, basically I just liked the shape and the graphics. Why ride the same as everyone else? Maybe reliving my youth as I always wanted a board like this growing up. The great thing about skating is who care what you ride, how you ride it or what it looks like. If you like it, you do it. Its a great sport of self expression and not having to conform to the norm.

I thought it was funny last weekend at a local park when I was skating and had it too myself. Quite a luxury, anyways I stopped for a bit to go see my kids at the park and a group of blokes turned up. They were all getting back on the board and some learning, so I went over to have a skate with them. Later in the session, one of the guys took a couple of falls in quick succession coming down on his wrist. I heard his mate say, “you should look at getting wrist guards man, you keep coming down hard”, to which another mate responded “Yeah, go Old School, Like Tony Hawk”.

I thought it was a funny statement in the fact that using safety equipment was seen as “Old School” and Tony Hawk a legend in the sport and a guy I grew up following was “Old School”. It was then I thought, am I “Old School”?

So what determines Old School?

I refer to 80’s hip hop, as old school, artists like Run DMC, NWA, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash etc etc. I think of lycra and fluro leg warmers as old school. Reflecting on what old school is, for me its the 80’s fashion, music and being. Though for people 10years my junior, I have spoken with refer to the 90’s as old school. So I think there is no clear distinction or period of what determines it. It seems to be your age and relationship to something, I have also come to discover that old school comes as a term of endearment.

Urban dictionary has this great definition:

  • Anything that is from an earlier era and looked upon with high regard or respect. Can be used to refer to music, clothing, language, or anything really.

So while I think I’m just out having fun doing what I like, I am in fact old school. That is until I learn some new school tricks, then where will I fit? Its an interesting question, one I don’t really care for putting a label on right now.

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