orange raspberry dairy free  smoothieThis dairy free smoothie turned out great, I have actually made it a couple of times since. The tweak that I made after I took the photo was to use frozen oranges. The photo used for the post was with the fresh oranges. Tastes mostly the same though with the frozen fruit you tend to make a more creamier smoothie.

If you plan on using frozen oranges, I strongly recommend peeling before you place in the freezer. It just means you don’t need to stuff around with the whole peeling process when the fruit is frozen.

If you have fruit that is not that great for eating, maybe a little over ripe. If you’r not going to juice it, peel it and throw it in a zip lock bag and place in the fridge. I do this will all my fruit. Reduces waste and really extends the life of your fruit. I haven’t found a fruit yet that doesn’t freeze too well, though if you have please add your comments below.


3 oranges
Cup of frozen raspberries
Half a standard cucumber (skin on)
1/2 cup – 1 cup of water (filtered is best, you could go a raw organic coconut too as a variation)

Throw these into the blender and smoothie away. For me I like a thick smoothie, so I tend to use a smaller amount of water first and its really there to help my crappy blender to do its job.

Hope you enjoy it

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