20131005-085852.jpg This smoothie came about when I asked my daughter what she wanted for breaky as always it was “I’m not hungry”. A smoothie was a good middle ground.

This is a really simple smoothie and just combines 3 ingredients, 2 are an all time classic, orange and mango. I added celery for the green and it’s a good source of fibre and vitamins A and K. Orange and Mango brings us the vitamin C while the antioxidants in mangos are shown to fight certain cancers and alkalise the body.

3 frozen mango cheeks. (Use frozen as it creams up the smoothie nicely)
6 oranges (Tip: squeeze them as they go into the blender, if you don’t have a vitamin)
2 celery stalks with leaves.

Blend away and enjoy. If you have enjoyed this recipe let me know.

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