So I was sitting here setting up the Webmaster Tools, Analytics and the All in One SEO plugin for WordPress. Which by the way has some great new features, one is adding in your Google Plus profile ID to associate your profile to your site. I think this is a wicked idea, while I’m on Google Plus, not too much is happening over there so I do tend to find myself back on good ole Facebook, which is fast gaining my disinterest with is advertising feed masquerading as keeping in touch with friends BS that is going on. But for now, its where the cool kids are so I persevere. But I think its time is coming.

Anyways I was confronted with the form field asking me to input my Google Plus profile URL and I was like “No worries” and I headed over to G+ to grab the URL. Now if I was on Facebook, I would have simply brought up my page and copied the URL and voila. Though while on the G+ page the URL seems a little too short to be useful. It was surely that wasn’t it and its not Google gives you a unique ID for your profile page and no vanity (read nice, usable and easy to remember) URL. They claim this is for security of Gmail accounts. So, for now lets run with it.

I think the linking to the G+ accounts is a great step towards creating a much more social search experience for you while on Google. Sure there are the benefits to Google of them having so much more information about you, if it helps you and your business gain a better search engine position, resulting in increase brand awareness and/or sales.. Why not?

So when you are setting up All in One SEO (if you haven’t already) to find your Google Plus profile URL:

  1. Login to your Google Account.
  2. In the top right select your profile pic
  3. From the pop up window select view your profile
  4. There is it.
  5. Paste that into the field and off you go.

If you don’t have a G+ page set up yet, from an SEO perspective I think its time to start thinking about it for sure. I will be posting more articles about it in the future

Side note: I did find out about a cool little app that allows you to have your own vanity URL

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