When building a new or re-developing an existing website, there is one question I always ask my client.

How much time do you have available to keep this website updated?

As I have written about in other articles “Keeping your site fresh” and “Whats your site up to?” we know that keeping a website regularly maintained is like servicing your car. Yes it will run with old oil and half worn tyres. The old faithful will still get you to the shops and home, drop the kids at school. However would you trust the car to take you around Australia? Some would, though we wouldn’t.

The fact is if you want your website to go the extra miles and really give you a return on investment, then you need to invest into the site yourself. The biggest investment as business owners is time. Time is the one factor that is not tax deductible, time is one factor that you can’t make back. As business owners we do tend to like to save costs and think, yes we can do it ourselves, but are we going to do the same job as a professional? Are we going to remember to dot the i’s and cross the t’s?

When updating a website it is often not only a matter of making the small content changes, but having a holistic view and understanding of your web presence? Updating your content is only a very small part of keeping your website finely tuned. I liken it to changing your cars oil and not using a new filter. Yes you have new oil, but is it effective as it could be?

Keeping a website finely tuned does take time and effort. A Content Management System (CMS) is a great tool to get you off and running updating your own website content with little to no web programming skills and yes its true, if you want simple updates to your site, making them yourself makes sense. While these CMS products are great at what they do there are limitations on them and a good web development company will be able to let you know what those limitations are and provide you a range of options that best suit your requirements, budget and availability of time.

This post is not to make you question your decision to or not to use a CMS, but to consider the whole picture. If you are going to take on the maintainence of your website yourself? Do you have a comprehensive online strategy in place? Do you know why you are updating your site and if it is even going to give you the result you want?

Chances are your update is a change to your staff or about us page. In this case, Yes your update is going to achieve what you want and need at that point. However what about that new product you are releasing on 1st July? Is simply adding the product to your products list going to help you push more of the product? No, while it will be available in the catalogue available for purchase, only people who know to look out for it will find it. Working with Your Online Consultant you can changes required to effectively market your product in a variety of ways.

This is a perfect example of having a CMS in place to take on the routine maintainence tasks and also having the comprehensive guidance from an external party to help your online presence work for you business.



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