Internet Marketing, is it simply copyrighting, search engine optimisation and having a consistent online and offline brand? Are you considering your website as part of your marketing strategy? If so then are you considering all the marketing options you have available to you on the internet?

We believe a great looking website that presents a consistent brand is just the start of Internet Marketing and not the end game. Internet Marketing is more then just marketing your business online, we believe it is a discipline that requires knowledge of the arena, knowledge of the business, the target demographic. We believe it requires knowledge of the tools available to extend your brand and take it international. For instance have you thought about how Twitter can help drive more traffic to your website? What about YouTube, thats just for people looking for there 15mins of fame isn’t it?

Lets start thinking beyond building a great looking website, lets start focusing our attention on how that great looking website is going to make us money while we sleep, while we are on holidays and while we are doing the things we do when we are not working.

If you have a website then Internet Marketing is for your website and business. You have a website and you have the potential to turn that website into a business tool, not just a place to house photos and example of previous projects.

Contact 101 Web Technology to discuss an Internet Marketing strategy that will suit your business.

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