Check for domain name availability

Too often people will want to register a domain they believe to be available but when it comes to purchasing the domain they find out the domain is unavailable.

The common mis-leader: Testing domain availability using your web browser.

More often people will test for the availability of a domain by typing in the domain name into their web browser. If they are shown a website then that is not available, if they are shown a domain not available error message then it is assumed that the domain name is available only to find out when they attempt to purchase the domain they are unable to.

This occurs due to people purchasing a domain for a variety of reasons, protecting their online identity, domain name parking until the website is built, maybe they just want the convenience of having an email address at their domain. What ever the reason they are not doing anything wrong if they have a legitimate claim to the domain name.

So how do you accurately test for domain name availability?
Testing for domain name availability is an easy process once shown how. You can quickly and easily test the availability aswell as retrieve the contact information for a domain performing a WHOIS search.

A WHOIS search queries different repositories and returns the contact information associated with the domain, the created date and the expiry date.

To perform a WHOIS search, go to and use the domain tools accessed by the left hand menu.

To complete the query you will need to type in the domain name and verification image, then hit submit. If you get a match the system will give you the available information for the domain name, otherwise a “No Match” message will be shown. The “No Match” message will let you know that the domain is available for purchase.

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