Spring is now upon us and we should be well and truely into spring cleaning, clearing out the junk around the office, backing up the PC, applying the patches, upgrading the machines and software. But do you think about looking at your website and updating the content? Most likely not, our experience has shown that site owners are not always the most proactive when it comes to updating their site, but while it may not be the most glamorous job, think of it this way, do you walk into Ford and want them telling you about the AU XR6 released in 1998 or do you want to talk about the new 09 FPV GTP? The same can be likened to your website, if you website is your 24/7 sales person, then arm them with the most up-to-date information you can.

Here are a few simple tips to updating and fine tuning your website.

Content stocktake
Starting from your homepage, go through all pages on the site checking that links are working along the way. On each page take note of the content and read the page from the perspective of a first time visitor to your site or someone who has not even heard of your business before. You will soon start to see that the content needs a refresh and while it made sence when you first wrote it, two years later you will have a different view and most likely want to make some minor adjustments.

Run a broken link report.
A broken link report will tell you if any of your links to pages within your site are broken. On the web there are not many things more annoying to your clients then to have them on your site looking for information and when they try to access the information you give them a big 404 error message. It is about offering good customer service and creating a strong and positive image to your clients that you take pride in how you present your business.

To run a report you can make use of many of the free tools online that will check through your site, or alternatively you can contact us to perform the task as part of the routine maintenance and updates on your site.

Check your stats
Check your access stats to see how people are finding your site, what are your most popular pages and what sites are linking to you. With this information you can start to make adjustments to your sites navigation, the way that pages link to each other and you easily see which pages are working for you and why.

So how do you get these stats? All sites hosted by 101 Web Technology have access to these stats via there sites, control panel. Contact us if you do not know how to access your control and we will be more then happy to assist and point you in the right direction.

101 Web Technology also recommends using Google Analytics for site tracking analysis. All sites built by 101 now come with the tracking scripts installed and reports are emailed at scheduled intervals. The reports are intuitive and 101 Web Technology is able to explain in an easy to understand way how you can extract the information out of the reports to ensure you get the most of the information.

So there you see a few ways to go through and fine tune your website this spring. To make it even easier for our clients 101 Web Technology offers cost effective maintenance packages to take the headaches out of your routine site maintenance. To find out more please contact us or visit the maintenance package section of our website.

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