fruit salad dairy free smoothie

What a great dairy free smoothie. This one was actually destined to go in to the ice block moulds, though I made a little too much so it went into the cup and we had a refreshing drink with breakfast. In fact I think if you were running a little late you could add some hemp seed for a hit of protein and this could be a great light breakfast.

  • 1 Frozen Orange
  • 1 Cup Frozen Raspberries
  • 1/4 of Honeydew Melon
  • 2 Cups of watermelon
  • 1/4 Cup water

Throw into your favourite (or in my case my make-do blender) and mix up a storm. The two frozen fruits make this a creamy smoothie and add a real freshness to it.

If you want ice-blocks for the kids, here are a couple of tips.

Use your ice cube tray, fills each spot with the blended fruit, place in freezer for about 1hour take out and now put in your sticks. I used wooden skewers which I cut to a 2.5-3inch pieces and just simply push through the mix. The fruit should be quite firm at this stage, so you will be able to easily stand up the sticks.

If you don’t have the time to wait for the partial freeze or you want a set and forget method, cut a piece of A4 paper the same size as the try put it over the top of the ice tray and put your sticks though the paper. The paper should help them to stay straight.

We have these Wistix Frozen Pop Makers from Howard’s Storage World. They are great, though we have moved recently to Perth and had 8, but now have 5. Im sure the ones which are MIA, are just in some random box. #hatemoving :)

Love to hear how you guys like the smoothie or ice pops, leave me a comment or two.


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