What is dropbox?

Dropbox is an application that allows for easy online backup, file sync and sharing. Using the latest in cloud technology, our clients can collobrate with us and have access to the latest files 24/7. We find this service especially helpful when in the content stage of the website as we can maintain an updated log of activity to keep track of the progress, up-to-date to do list and a list of edits that need to be made.

We are using Dropbox at the moment for a new education based website where we are collobrating with 4 different content authors. We find this approach is working really well as we can open the files, see the progress and make use of the updated files.

Do you work away from the office alot or run a a mobile office. Using dropbox you can always have access to those important files and tools when you need them most.

In my consulting role, I find Dropbox is invaluable to me, allowing access to the office while Im out and allows me to have a central repository for all those handy code snippets, templates and useful applications that just make life easier.

So how much does Dropbox cost?
Surprisingly Dropbox is free for 2GB of storage and for each referral of a new clients to your shared files Dropbox will award you with 250mb extra up to 8GB total.

More pricing information is available here: http://www.dropbox.com/pricing

* 101 is not affiliated with Dropbox we just think its a great product, so thought we would share.

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