Since I have finally upgraded my crappy old Panasonic 42″ SD plasma, to Samsung 55 LED with home theatre, I now have HDMI and lots of it. I have splashed out a whole $109 dollars and bought an Apple TV. (Actaully I splashed out $238, cause I bought 2 and 1 HDMI cable). Im pretty impressed with it so far, set up was a breeze and the other night we bought a HD movie to watch and had no playback issues. I was a little sketchy due to our ADSL here in Perth not being the best, but it did hold up.

Anyways after purchasing the movie, I just went to my iTunes library to sync the movie to the iPad. But it was not there, no where to be found. I expected that like my apps and purchase I made of the device would just sync back to the home library. Not the case, however the fix was relatively easy. Though I did have to Google around until I found a specific post that captured what I was trying to do from 2013. So I knew I was close to the money.

If you purchase a movie on the Apple TV, it keeps a reference to the movie and caches the reference that you have paid for it. Does not download the movie to your library. My experience was I opened my library, it wasn’t there and I thought “oh Heck”.

How to display your Apple TV purchases in your iTunes Library

Anyways there is a simpler fix then waiting for Apple to release a patch (that did help one guy) or even turning Home sharing on and off (again not for me). It was a simple checkbox in the iTunes preferences. So when in iTunes [Command + ,] or iTunes > Preferences > Store. Notice Im using Mac menu paths :) Windows users maybe File > Preferences > Store.

There is a check box “Show iTunes in the Cloud Purchases” make sure that bad boy is checked and you should be right to go.

iTunes Preference window

After you hit OK, go back to your library and you should see your purchases there ready to download to your library. You will need to download the file to be able to sync to your device. Simply right click on the title image and you will be right to go.

Also you will notice products purchased on the cloud, will have a little iCloud logo on them in the top right. Just in case you were wondering about that.

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