So if you are like me, your searching for the holy grail of automating absolutely everything just to make your life a little easier. Well I have found a great plugin today for WordPress named SCF Dummy Content.

Really easy to follow instructions included.

How to use:

  1. First upload an image if you want to see featured images.
  2. Next either use the default editor text or insert your own.
  3. Next enter the number of posts you want to create for each post type.
  4. Then create the default title for each post. (** NOTE: the number of each post will be automatically added to each post title.)
  5. Lastly choose which taxonomies to create terms for and which post types to create posts for.
  6. Save the options before you execute.

Tips when using the plugin.

  • When creating your dummy content, include all the formatting options you think you will use.
    So create some titles and wrap them in a <h#>, create a couple of <li>’s, maybe a <table>, a <dl> and so on. What you are looking for here is to create enough content so you can get an idea of whats going on when refining your styles.
  • Hit save Changes before executing the create process. First run through, I set up a nice piece of dummy text, hit execute and nothing happened. Possible opportunity to enhance the usability there.
  • After installing look for the SCF page in Settings not Tools. This was strange to me, its a tool to populate your WordPress site.

All in all, I think its a great utility to get up and running on your dev sites to stop messing about with content that is only there to help you set up menus, refine styles and check page format.

Where do I get it?

Like all good plugins, its over in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Or add it via your WP Administration area, search for SCF Dummy Content.

Hope you like the plugin. If you have any suggestions for more plugins for me to try out please let me know.

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