So my first app miBabyShots has been reviewed and passed and is now ready for sale. Pumped, that is until the status of the app went from  In Review (nervous time) to Processing for App Store (Excellent we passed its going in) to Pending Contract (dammit).

The old pending contract status comes about when you haven’t filled in your Sales contracts with Apple. As this app is going to be sold at Tier 1 (0.99c AUD) Apple requires Bank details, ABN information and other US compliance information.

All the information is not hard to get and if you are a legitimate business or sole proprietor trying to sell apps in the Apple app store you will get through nice and easy. What I didn’t realise prior to going in is you need an Australian Business Number or (ABN), so if you are a sole proprietor, head over to and obtain yourself an ABN nicely and early, that way you can be sure that you get all your paperwork sorted out prior to successfully entering the store.

An ABN, Bank Details and US compliance info is not required if you are providing free apps, as your developer licence comes with a default contact that is already entered into once you are part of the developer program.

So the lesson is here, read up on Google, check out the Apple Developer Guide and research everything you need to know outside of design and code, because that is only the part of the project.

Hope this helps.

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